They host workshops and other activities, I highly recommend looking at their slides about a variety of math opportunities.


I have had numerous students ask for advice on how they should study and test anxiety, so I thought I would include my response here for everyone.

Applying to REUs

This is based on my experience in an REU (2017). The information is still relevant and one can find comparable resources at any school.

What is Graduate School?

Many students have asked me about graduate school, here is some information I wish I knew in undergrad. If you have more questions don't hesitate to reach out.

Which Graduate School?

This is how I approached choosing between which grad school I wanted to go to. I also touch on conferences I found useful and how I approached visitation days.

Answers for MSU

These are my answers to the questions I posed in Which Graduate School?


eCHT is a great comunity for people interested in homotopy theory

They have a Zulip discussion board, let me know if you want help getting in.

Talk Giving Philosophy

This is my philosophy when writing talks.

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Arc, an LGBTQIA+ organization, has a list of resources for LGBTQIA+ students at MSU.

In the math community there is an organization called SPECTRA.

Mental Health Resources

CAPS has many different resources, so does Arc.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI is an office at MSU where one can make reports and also one can educate themselves to be a better ally.

Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

This department has programs, resources and events.